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Sociology Commencement 2014

When: Sunday, June 15, at 12:00 P.M.

Where: The Knight Library South Lawn (New! Click this link for a commencement map.)

New 6/4/2014 - Detailed instructions on where exactly to meet before 11:30 on June 15th

Commencement FAQ for Sociology students and their guests - last updated May 28 2014

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!  We are proud of your accomplishment and look forward to sharing your special day of celebration with you, your family and your friends.  We know that this time can be both exciting and stressful for graduates and we would like to provide you with the following information in advance so you know what to expect on the day.

First, we need to know whether you will be attending the Sociology commencement ceremony or not.  If you are planning to attend, a form to RSVP for the ceremony is found hereIf you are not planning to attend, please notify Elizabeth Milner in the Sociology office at or 541-346-1169.  You can also contact Elizabeth with any commencement questions that you have, or with any requests for special accommodations such as wheelchair placement.

Your guests for commencement do not require tickets, and there is no limit on the number of guests that may attend your ceremony.

Commencement regalia (cap and gown) is available from the Duck Store. See this link for more details.

• On Monday June 16th, the day after the Sociology ceremony, the University is holding a Graduation Celebration beginning with an academic parade at 9 AM (seating begins in Matthew Knight Arena at 7:30 AM).  Details regarding this celebration are available on the UO Commencement website: You are encouraged to participate in this parade.  The Commencement website also has information on parking, photographs, cap and gown arrangements and has a full schedule of University events for Monday.

Here's what to expect on Sunday June 15th:

• For the Sociology commencement celebration, please arrive at the Knight Library South Lawn no later than 11:30 AM in order to be seated with the rest of the graduating class.  Any guests requiring wheelchair placement should also plan to arrive by 11:30 at the latest. Note that the ground surface will be grassy lawn.   Sociology staff will be on site from approximately 10 AM onward and can help guests in wheelchairs to find their seats.

• We encourage you to wear your cap and gown to the ceremony. Order the cap, gown, and diploma cover at the UO Duckstore, as well as any honor cords and tassels. Note: the tassel is worn on the right side of the cap and is switched to the left side after the entire graduating class has been presented; you will be instructed when to “flip the tassel”.

• Upon arriving at the Knight Library South Lawn, proceed to the marked registration area and pick up (or fill in) your name card at the registration table. Your name will be read when you are presented with your diploma. Double check the phonetic spelling of your name (given by you when you RSVP) shown on your card.

• You will be directed to a graduate waiting area, to wait to line up with the other graduates. Take your name card with you.

• You will then line up for the processional to your reserved seating area. The order is: faculty, then graduate students, then students in the honors program, and finally all other students in whichever order you prefer.  (Yes, you may sit with your friends!) At approximately 12:00 the music will start and the entire line of students will be formally guided to the seating area.

• Once you are seated, there will be a short program which includes introductions and speakers. Students receiving special honors will be recognized, as well as Master's and Ph.D. candidates, followed by the presentation of diploma covers to each undergraduate. The actual diploma will be mailed to you from the Registrar's office; you should receive it several weeks after the ceremony.

Here's what to expect when it's time to stand up and cross the stage:

The ushers will direct each row of graduates when to rise and proceed to the stage. Upon arriving at the stage, hand your name card to the Sociology volunteer at the base of the stage and wait. You will be told when to go up onto the stage. When it is time, walk across the stage to the department head (Professor Hollander) who will present your diploma cover to you. Take the cover with your left hand, and shake hands with your right hand. A photographer will take your picture as you receive your diploma. Continue across the stage and off the far side. It is likely that another photographer will be set up to take your photo against a backdrop after you come off the stage. Please proceed through this area in an orderly manner.

• After departing the stage and the photo area, please return to your seat. At the closing of the ceremony, you will be instructed to “flip the tassel” to the left side of your cap.

• There will be light refreshments provided after the end of the ceremony.  Be sure to get some photographs taken with your friends or with influential faculty members before you leave!

Again, warmest congratulations on your academic achievement.  We wish you good luck in your future careers!