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How alumni and friends can help the UO Sociology Department

The Department of Sociology highly appreciates the generous gifts made by its alumni and friends. Your contributions directly support our department by enhancing educational opportunities for our students and both research and instructional resources for our faculty. Donations are currently used to support a variety of academic projects such as:

  • Lawrence Carter Graduate Student Research Award
  • Best teaching awards 
  • Best paper awards
  • Visiting speakers
  • Capstone seminars
  • Doctoral fellowships
  • Graduate student publication and data collection awards
  • Faculty recruitment
  • Graduate student recruitment
  • Travel to academic conferences for graduate students
  • Charles W. Hunt Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

Please consider helping us to establish the following three new endowments:

  • Sociology Undergraduate Endowment
  • Sociology Graduate Endowment
  • Sociology Faculty Endowment

If you would like to make a donation to the department, please give now. If you would prefer, you may mail a check payable to the University of Oregon Foundation with a note on the check indicating the gift is for the Department of Sociology to:

University of Oregon Foundation
P.O. Box 3346
Eugene, OR 97403-0346

Please do not hesitate to contact the Sociology Department Head Jocelyn Hollander with any questions at 541-346-5510 or