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Kenneth Liberman


833 PLC
University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403
Phone: (541) 346-5008
Fax: (541) 346-5026

Professor Liberman's 2004 book, Dialectical Practice in Tibetan Philosophical Culture , has been translated into Chinese and is being read by Chinese academics and by Tibetans. He has been lecturing on ethnomethodology in Italy, Brazil, India, and China, and he has completed a new book, MORE Studies in Ethnomethodology: studies of the in vivo organization of sense , which is based upon his last decade of teaching .

Research Interests

  • practices of reasoning in non-Western societies
  • intercultural communication
  • cross cultural studies of self and identity
  • neocolonialism and the survival of indigenous cultures

Teaching Areas

  • ethnomethodology
  • race and ethnic relations
  • phenomenology and postmodernism

Courses Taught

SOC 335 Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis
SOC 435 Interaction and Social Order
SOC 445 Sociology of Race Relations

Selected Books

2013 More Studies in Ethnomethodology. Albany, NY: SUNY Press, in press (May, 2013).

2007 Husserl's Criticism of Reason, With Ethnomethodological Specifications, Lanham, Maryland: Lexington Books.

2004 Dialectical Practice in Tibetan Philosophical Culture, An Ethnomethodological Inquiry into Formal Reasoning, Rowman and Littlefield. Paper 2009.

1985 Understanding Interaction in Central Australia, London: Routledge.

Selected Articles

2012 “Semantic Drift in Conversations,” Human Studies 35, No. 2, (Special Issue in Memory of Harold Garfinkel) pp 263-277 (2012). (DOI) 10.1007/s10746-012-9225-1.

2011 “The Reflexive Intelligibility of Affairs: Ethnomethodological Perspectives,” Les Cahiers Saussure: Revue suisse de linguistique générale 64, pp. 73-99 (2011).

2009 “L'alterità della Terra: Merleau-Ponty e la Natura Selvaggia,” Bollettino Studi Sartriani (Rome, Italy) 5, pp. 215-230.

2009 “The Itinerary of Intersubjectivity in Social Phenomenological Research, Schutzian Research: A Yearbook of Mundane Phenomenology and Qualitative Social Science, Zeta Books.

2008 “The Reflexivity of the Authenticity of Hatha Yoga,” in Jean Byrne and Mark Singleton (Eds.), Yoga: Contemporary Perspectives, London: Routledge, pp. 102-117.

2008 “The Virtues of Sophistry: Sophistry In and As Its Course,”Argumentation: an International Journal on Reasoning (Selected Proceedings of the 6th conference of the International Association for the Study of Argument, Springer) 22. pp. 59-70.

2008 "Thinking as a Public Activity," in David Francis and Steve Hester (Eds.), Orders of Ordinary Action, London: Ashgate, pp. 159-73.

2007 "An Inquiry into the Intercorporeal Relations Between Humans and the Earth," in Suzanne L. Cataldi and William S. Hamrick (Eds.), Merleau-Ponty and Environmental Philosophy: Dwelling on the Landscapes of Thought, Albany, NY: State University of New York Press, pp 31-49.




Ph.D. -- California, San Diego