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Areas of Research

Together with my students I have been working with the two largest Native American tribes in California on the health, cultural, economic and psychological impacts that the loss of salmon has had for their communities.

1) My Klamath Research in the News

This work gained national attention in 2005 with a front page story in the Washington Post: “ Tribe Fights Dams to Get Diet Back ”

A segment on All Things Considered: “ California Tribe Fights Dams ”

Story in National Geographic: " Klamath River "

UC Davis T.V.: “ On Salmon and Tribes ”

"Doctor's Orders: Undam the Klamath” Diana Hartel High Country News May 16, 2011

"Native Living: The Sacred Dance Between A River and a People.” Northstate Public Radio. 60 minute radio documentary. Summer 2010

Articles on the Klamath

The Effects of Altered Diet on the Health of the Karuk People Karuk Tribe of California, 2005. Filed November 2005 with Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Behalf of the Karuk Tribe in the Klamath River Project re-licensing process.

Reed, Ron and Kari Marie Norgaard “Salmon Feeds Our People” book chapter in Indigenous People and Biodiversity Conservation: Stories from the Field. Conservation International: Arlington, VA, forthcoming 2010

Alkon, Alison and Kari Marie Norgaard 2009. “Breaking the Food Chains: An Investigation of Food Justice Activism" Sociological Inquiry 79(3): 289-305

Norgaard, Kari Marie. 2007 “The Politics of Invasive Weed Management: Gender Race and Risk Perception in Rural California.” Rural Sociology 72(3): 450-477


2) My climate change research in the media

“Dollars, Sense and Climate Change” ISN Security Watch April 19, 2010

“Understanding the Climate Ostrich” Invited contribution to the BBC online series on Climate Skepticism. November 2007

“The Psychology of Climate Change Denial” Wired Science December 9, 2009 “Q and A” on

National Public Radio All Things Considered “For Public Climate Change Not a Priority Issue” December 7, 2009

“On Birth Certificates, Climate Risk and an Inconvenient Mind” New York Times Dot Earth Blog April 28, 2011 Andrew Revkin

“Earth Day Discussion: The Plight of Polar Bears and the Phenomenon of Global Warming Denial” Capitol City Weekly, (Juneau Alaska) April 27, 2011

”Klimathotet får oss att känna skuld” Svenska Dagbladet (Sweden's second largest newspaper) December 2, 2010

"Inspiring Change: First, Develop Strategies to Dislodge Denial" Behavior Change for Sustainability, Australian National Congress, September 16th, 2010

“Når fienden er en selv: psykologien bak klimaforandringene” Lisbet Jære Tidsskrift for Norsk Psykologforening 2010 47: 615-619

Articles and reports:

"Climate Denial: Emotion, Psychology, Culture, and Political Economy", Oxford University Press book chapter, to be published.

"Cognitive and Behavioral Challenges in Responding to Climate Change", Concept Note for World Development Report, World Bank, 2009

Norgaard, Kari. 2006. “People Want To Protect Themselves A Little Bit” Emotions, Denial and Social Movement Non-Participation The Case of Global Climate Change.” Sociological Inquiry 76(3): 372-396

Norgaard, Kari. “‘We Don't Really Want to Know' The Social Experience of Global Warming: Dimensions of Denial and Environmental Justice” Organization and Environment 19(3)