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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions that are most often asked of our office staff and faculty. If you have additional questions, please contact the main office in 736 PLC. These questions will be updated as necessary.

Q. I received less than a C- in a sociology class. Will it still count?

A. No, it will not count toward the total number of credits you need for the sociology major.

Q. I see some classes are Topic or Issues courses. What does this mean? Can I take them more than once?

A. These are courses that have rotating topics. While they might always have the same general theme, such as the environment or gender, the actual issues covered can be quite different from term to term. You may take the same class more than once for credit IF the topic has changed. Students should read the course subheadings to determine how each instructor will approach the course.

Q. Do I really need the prerequisites for a class?

A. Yes! Students will be unable to register if they do not have the prerequisite(s) for the course. If you do not have these prerequisites, you may register by obtaining written instructor approval for the course. Download the Prerequisite Waiver Form here.

Q. Where can I find course syllabi?

A. Sociology course syllabi for current and past terms are hosted on Blackboard and available to all declared undergraduate Sociology majors. To access the syllabi, click on the grey "Course Syllabi" button on the left side of your Sociology Blackboard screen.

If you are not currently an undergraduate Sociology major but are seeking a particular past syllabus, please contact Elizabeth Milner in the department office.

Q. How do I declare Sociology as my major?

A.You can declare in person or by email. Full instructions are available here.

Q. Will classes from other departments count toward my sociology degree?

A. Click here for a list of University of Oregon classes that can count toward a baccalaureate degree in sociology.

Q. Who is my advisor? How do I change my advisor?

A. While the Sociology Department does assign an advisor to you, you are not required to see any particular person. All faculty members (assistant professors, associate professors and professors) who are currently teaching serve as advisors. Professor Eleen Baumann is the primary advisor for Sociology students and holds open office hours each term. We also offer Peer Advising in room 706 PLC. More information on advising is available here.

Q. If I'm under the new requirements, do internships or readings count toward the 16 hours of 400-level coursework?

A. No. Calling it "400-level" work is a bit of a misnomer. These 16 credits must be in courses numbered 407 or 410-491. Credits for internships, research and readings will count towards the 8 credits of any upper division credits but do not count towards the 16 hours of 400 level work.

More information can be found at the Office of Academic Advising FAQ site.