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Honors Program in Sociology

Motivated students may participate in the honors program in sociology. Qualified students work closely with faculty members and fellow honors students on a yearlong research project of their own design. The thesis may be based on existing data or data collected by the student.

Students who successfully complete the honors program are awarded honors, high honors, or highest honors based on their advisors' evaluation of the quality of their work. The honors distinction (but not the level) is noted on the student's official transcript and diploma.

Applicants to the honors program must demonstrate a high level of competence and motivation for advanced studies in sociology. A GPA no lower than 3.40 in sociology courses or a nomination by two faculty members is required for admittance into the honors program, but does not guarantee acceptance. Students should apply during the spring term of their junior year.  The application form may be downloaded here. Alternatively, paper copies may be obtained from the Sociology Department office (736 PLC).

During fall term of the senior year, honors students take part in the honors seminar (SOC 407), in which they work closely with a professor and other students to refine research questions and design. By the end of the term, each student submits a thesis proposal for approval. During winter and spring terms, students work independently with their adviser and proceed with data collection and analysis. Students complete and submit their theses during the spring term.

The honors program in sociology is not affiliated with the Honors College. If you need more information or have questions please contact Professor Jiannbin Shiao at:, 346-5366, PLC 732.