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Undergraduate Program

Sociology is the analytical study of human groups and societies -- how they develop, how they are structured, and how they function.

Sociology lays a foundation for a variety of future careers by teaching students how to apply specific skills in a defined area of knowledge.

Change of Major
Our form to make sociology your major.

Requirements for the Major
Requirements for the baccalaureate degree with a major in sociology.

Sociology Minor
Unfortunately, there is currently no minor in sociology. If you would be interested in a sociology minor in the future, let us know it would be popular by contacting Elizabeth Milner.

Prerequisites for Classes
All upper division classes have one or more prerequisite classes that must be taken first.

Areas of Concentration
The department offers ten areas of concentration for students who wish to focus on a specific sociological field of study.

Office Hours
Find out when your instructors and teaching assistants are available to speak to.

Honors Program
Students work closely with faculty members and fellow honors students on a year-long project of their own design and write an honors thesis.

Alpha Kappa Delta
The international sociology honors society

Career Options in Sociology
There are many areas of employment for which a background in sociology is useful and practical.

Peer Advising
The Peer Advising Office is staffed by sociology undergraduates who have been trained to advise students on both sociology and university requirements.

Grading Standards
The grading standards used by our department.

Frequently Asked Questions
Some of the questions that are most often asked of department office staff and faculty.