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Soc Snippet: 11/28/16

Welcome to week 10!

You are all in the home stretch – a few more classes and a couple of tests and you will have rightfully earned a break from the books for a few weeks.

That said, this is perhaps one of the most interesting times in recent history to be a Sociology major. This unprecedented political season is ripe for sociological analysis of class, race, region, gender, and nation among myriad other aspects of the social world. I hope your class discussions on these topics have been lively and insightful.

I do want to reiterate, in the wake of the election, that as ever the Department of Sociology remains committed to valuing diversity and maintaining a welcoming environment for all students based on learning, inquiry and mutual respect.

Best of luck on finals and, as always, Go Ducks!

Professor Pascoe
Undergraduate Program Director

Picture Contest!
We are in the middle of revamping the department website. As part of the redesign process we are looking to include photos that capture sociological images. Do you have such a photo? Photos that illustrate a sociological concept? Photos of a project you’ve made for a class? Photos that just scream SOCIOLOGY? If so – send them my way ( and should yours end up on the website you can choose a prize from the Sociology Grab Bag (yes, it exists).


American Sociological Association Honors Program
Are you interested in learning more about sociology as a discipline? Perhaps considering a career in sociology? The ASA Honors Program provides undergraduate sociology students a rich introduction to the professional life of the discipline. Exceptional sociology students from throughout the country and the world come together for four days and experience all facets of the ASA Annual Meetings. By participating in the Honors Program, students develop long-lasting networks with other aspiring sociologists while their sponsoring departments have a chance to “showcase” their own quality programs and their most outstanding students.

The application deadline for participation is February 15th. You can see the application guidelines here:

Diana May Woodruff Scholarship
Thinking about going into social work as a career? The Sociology Department has a fellowship for undergraduates who are planning to pursue a career in social work. It is designed to be used on your undergraduate education, not for graduate school.  For more application information about the Diana Woodruff fellowship, see here:

Sociology Tutoring
Do you need a sociology tutor? Would you like to tutor other students in sociology? Undergraduates who are interested in receiving tutoring may sign up on the board between rooms 706 and 707 PLC. Graduate students and skilled undergraduates who are willing to offer tutoring can sign up on an adjacent board. Please let Sociology Advisor Elizabeth Milner ( know if you have any questions.

Master’s Degree in Public Sociology
Wondering what to do with your sociology degree after graduation? Consider Humboldt State University’s Master’s Degree in Public Sociology. The HSU Master’s Program in Sociology fosters a network of students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members who are committed to Sociology, social justice and social action. At HSU we focus on public sociology, which takes sociological knowledge and skills beyond the confines of the academy into the communities where these resources are much needed. Whether speaking to girls and boys about media, gender and violence or consulting with a non-profit on a community survey on corporatization and locally owned business, the work of our faculty and students is tightly interwoven with our local communities.


As a part of the Western Regional Graduate Program we are able to offer students from 16 Western states and territories the ability to pay in-state tuition to study with us in Northern California.

Learn more here: