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Winter Term Colloquium Schedule

January 23, 2017

Hilary Boudet (Assistant Professor, Sociology, Oregon State University) and Stephanie Shepard (MPP, Oregon State University)

A Culture of Resilience: Social Capital and Climate Adaption in Post-Flood Boulder County, Colorado

January 30, 2017 

Kelsy Kretschmer (Assistant Professor, Sociology, Oregon State University)

Men at the March: Feminist Boundaries, Media Messages, and Male Allies

February 6, 2017

Carol Stabile (Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies and the School of Journalism and Communication, University of Oregon)

Cleaning the House of Broadcasting: Gender, Race, and the FBI Attack on Television

February 13, 2017

Amy Lubitow (Assistant Professor, Sociology, Portland State University)

Inequalities in Urban Mobility in Portland: Understanding Community Vulnerability and Prospects of Livable Neighborhoods

February 20, 2017

Patrick Greiner (Graduate Student, Sociology, University of Oregon)

Divergent Pathways On the Road To Sustainability: A Multilevel Model of the Effects of Geopolitical Power on the Relationship between Economic Growth and Environmental Health

February 27, 2017

James Moody (Professor, Sociology, Duke University)


March 6, 2017

Janet Lorenzen (Assistant Professor, Sociology, Willamette University)


March 13, 2017

Anissa Rogers (Professor and Director, Dorothy Day Social Work Program, University of Portland)

Contemporary Issues and Future Directions in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Aging