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Faculty Publication: Trump in the White House

“In Trump in the White House, John Bellamy Foster [UO Professor of Sociology] does what no other Trump analyst has done before: he places the president and his administration in full historical context. Foster reveals that Trump is merely the endpoint of a stagnating economic system whose liberal democratic sheen has begun to wear thin. Beneath a veneer of democracy, we see the authoritarian rule that oversees decreasing wages, anti-science and climate-change denialism, a dying public education system, and expanding prisons and military—all powered by a phony populism seething with centuries of racism that never went away.

But Foster refuses to end his book in despair. Inside his analysis is a clarion call to fight back. Protests, popular demands, coalitions:everyone is needed. Change can’t happen without radical, anti-capitalist politics, and Foster demonstrates that—even now—it may yet be possible to stop the desecration of the Earth; to end endless war; to create global solidarity with all oppressed people.”

To read more about Professor Foster’s latest book, and to order a copy for yourself, visit the Monthly Review Press website.