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John Bellamy Foster selected for 2019 Outstanding Career Award

Professor John Bellamy Foster was selected for the 2019 Outstanding Career Award at the University of Oregon. This award powerfully acknowledges John’s outstanding career and highlights the important work done in Sociology. As stated in the announcement letter from the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation, “this is the UO’s highest university award for faculty to recognize and celebrate a deep and distinguished record of scholarship and research on our campus.”

Over the last 35 years, Professor Foster has made numerous contributions to Marxist theory and its application to contemporary capitalism and he has made distinguished strides in growing the field of environmental sociology by introducing classical social theory to interdisciplinary environmental studies. International recognition of his work has made UO Sociology one of the top departments in the country for studying environmental sociology.

The impact of his work is measurable, in part, by his extraordinary citation record. According to Google Scholar, with nearly 22,000 citations, he is one of the 10-15 most cited current faculty members at the University of Oregon.  He is the most highly cited sociologist at the UO and is one of the most highly cited among those on Google Scholar in his fields. His writings have been translated into at least thirty-three languages. He presents his work at a wide range of conferences world-wide, including many international keynote addresses. Guided by his mentorship, many of his former graduate students enjoy productive and accomplished careers.

Congratulations John!  We are deeply grateful for all of your contributions across your many years of outstanding service, teaching and research.