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Sociology Grad Award Winners Fall 2019

Congratulations to all our winners of Fall Graduate School awards!

“The Graduate School administers a range of fellowships and research awards annually. These awards, most of which are donor supported, range from $500 to $20,000 per year and, in some cases, include tuition support.”

In addition to cash, these awards confer recognition of the dedication and success of our graduate students, and we couldn’t be more proud to call them members of our department. Below are a list of award winners and descriptions of their awards.

First Year Fellowship – Bex MacFife

The purpose of a First Year Fellowship is to recruit talented top graduate students to doctoral programs. This award ensures a full year of graduate school funding to allow these students to use their first year at UO to make headway on their research and academic activities.

Betty Foster McCue Fellowship – Katie Warden & Diego Contreras Medrano

In honor of the lifetime of teaching and administrative service by Professor Emerita Betty Foster McCue, this award supports doctoral students with interests related to human development and performance. Winners of this award are students with dissertation interests that primarily revolve around topics related to human development and performance. Related fields include but are not limited to ​Counseling Psychology, Human Physiology, Special Education, Education, Sociology, Human Biology, and Psychology.

UO Doctoral Research Fellowship – Sarah Ahmed

For students in any UO PhD program, this fellowship is awarded to the most outstanding doctoral student as determined by a faculty selection committee. Dissertations to be considered can be on any topic and are judged on the quality of the written proposal and the potential impact of the research both within and beyond the student’s field.

Kimble First Year Teaching Award – Ashley Woody

The Kimble First-Year Teaching Award, named in honor of professor emeritus Dan Kimble, is jointly sponsored by the Office of the Provost, the Graduate School, and the Division of Undergraduate Studies, and administered by the Teaching Engagement Program. The award recognizes outstanding teaching by graduate student instructors who have demonstrated a commitment to professional development and reflective practice.

Diego Contreras-Medrano, Sarah Ahmed, Christine Capili, Ashley Woody, and Lola Loustaunau

Sandra Morgen Public Impact Graduate Fellowship – Lola Loustaunau

The purpose of this fellowship (formally known as the UO Public Impact Fellowship) award is to recognize and support the work of up to two graduate students whose research has the potential to have a significant impact on society. Examples of relevant research include that which makes a contribution to improving economic opportunity and well-being, social justice, political participation, cultural engagement, and scientific and technical solutions to pressing social issues.

Promising Scholar Award – Timothy Haverda and Christine Capili

The purpose of the Promising Scholar Award is to recruit highly qualified incoming graduate students from diverse backgrounds who add to the academic and scholarly excellence of the university. The award is administered by the Graduate School in partnership with departments, schools and colleges, the Office of the Vice President for Research & Innovation, the Division of Equity and Inclusion, and the Office of the Provost to leverage our collective resources in support of our shared goals to increase the number of outstanding UO graduate students of diverse backgrounds and experiences.