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Sociology Snippets – June 8, 2020

Dear Sociology Majors,

I send you this last Sociology Snippets of the 2019-2020 school year amid a cacophony of emotions. We are now witnessing some of the largest scale collective action ever undertaken in this country, amidst an ongoing global pandemic that underscores the seriousness of this moment. We are seeing and (for many of us, participating in) visible and dramatic resistance to racism, white supremacy and racial inequality. As sociologists, you have the tools to understand both the inequality these protests are addressing as well as the varied forms of activism themselves. That said, all the sociological analysis in the world falls short of capturing the range of emotions many of us feel at this current moment – sorrow, rage, sadness, grief, overwhelm and, indeed, empowerment, optimism, and a zeal for change. So, while I am writing to say goodbye for the school year, I am also writing to say that we, as sociologists at the University of Oregon, are deeply dedicated to using sociological analysis to understand the root causes, consequences, experiences of and solutions to racial inequality, white supremacy and the intersections of those with other inequalities. We hope that we have helped to convey those questions, lessons and analytic tools in our classes.

We see you, we stand with you and we are here for you.

As always,
Professor Pascoe

Associate Professor | Undergraduate Program Director
Co-editor, Socius
Department of Sociology | University of Oregon