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UO Sociology professor receives SSSP award nomination

Dr. Kari Marie Norgaard, professor of Sociology and Environmental Studies, was recognized as a finalist for the C. Wright Mills Award by the Society for the Study of Social Problems (SSSP) for her recent book Salmon and Acorns Feed Our People: Colonialism, Nature, and Social Action (2019, Rutgers University Press).

The C. Wright Mills Award, established in 1964, is awarded annually by SSSP. Consistent with Mills’ dedication to a search for a sophisticated understanding of the individual and society, books nominated and selected as finalists: 1) critically address an issue of contemporary public importance, 2) bring to the topic a fresh, imaginative perspective, 3) advance social scientific understanding of the topic, 4) display a theoretically informed view and empirical orientation, 5) evince quality in style of writing, 6) explicitly or implicitly contain implications for courses of action.

Congratulations to Dr. Norgaard for this recognition of her powerful and critical work!