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Winter 2023 Sociology Colloquium

Please join us for the Winter Sociology Colloquium Series. Colloquium will be in 714PLC. All talks are 12-1PM.


January 20, 2023

Amanda Sikirica

Ph.D. Candidate, Sociology, University of Oregon

Multiple Dimensions of Inequality and Decoupling Economic Growth and Emissions: An Eco-Intersectional Approach


February 17, 2023

Emily Kennedy

Associate Professor, Sociology, University of British Columbia

Eco-Types: Five Ways of Caring about the Environment


March 3, 2023

Rosa Acevedo

Ph.D. Candidate, Philosophy, University of Oregon

Questioning the British-American centric and late modern origins of antiblack racism


March 10, 2023

Kerry Ard

Associate Professor, Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences, Ohio State University