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The department guarantees 15 terms of funding as Graduate Employees (GEs) for all students who remain in good standing in the program. GE awards carry a tuition waiver, stipend, and insurance benefits. This funding must be taken within 7 years from initial enrollment.

Students should be prepared to rely on their own financial resources for some portion of their residence in the department, and are encouraged to apply for outside support from public or private agencies. Loan funds and work study monies are not administered by the department. Separate application for this should be made directly to:

Office of Student Financial Aid
1278 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-1278

Graduate Employee Duties

Graduate Employees assist faculty members with their teaching duties. This may include constructing and grading tests, leading group discussions, holding office hours, attending the faculty member’s lectures, etc. Advanced doctoral students may be assigned to teach their own independent classes.


Eligibility for continuation of GE funding is based on satisfactory performance of the duties connected with the funding and remaining in good standing in the program. Students who lose their funding because of unsatisfactory performance will be considered for renewed support when their work is brought back up to a satisfactory level. Further details on regulations regarding eligibility for continuation of funding are given in the department’s General Duties and Responsibilities Statement on GE appointments.

Students may apply for additional funding when their guaranteed terms of support have been used up. These will be granted on a term by term basis, as available.

Research Assistant

Research assistantships are occasionally available to applicants with some graduate training or exceptional undergraduate records, including research experience. These are renewable annually at the discretion of the research project director and the approval of the department.

Graduate Awards

Department awards are awarded through a competitive application each spring and are available to doctoral students in good academic standing. More information