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PhD Alumni Listing

Last NameFirst NamePhD YearDissertation Title
AlvarezCamila2019From Classical to Critical: Addressing Theoretical and Methodological Gaps within Environmental Justice Research
ComleyCassie Ann2019“Surfing? That’s a White Boy Sport”: An Intersectional Analysis of Mexican Americans Experiences with Southern California Surf Culture
BaconJM2018Producing, Maintaining and Resisting Colonial Ecological Violence: Three Considerations of Settler Colonialism as Eco-Social Structure
DominguezDavid2018Tourism and Change in Costa Rica: Pura Vida, Power and Place in a Small Beach Community
GreinerPatrick Trent2018Growth, Power and Time: Developing a Deeper Understanding of Anthropogenic Drivers of Carbon Dioxide Emissions from 1960-2015
MarekHeather2018Criminalizing Our Way to Racial Equality? An Empirical Look at Hate Crime Regulation
MillerElizabeth2018Farming Without Farmers: Deskilling in Contract Broiler Farming
MolinarRobert2018Self-Organization in Tiny Homes as a Response to Homelessness: Negotiating Autonomy and Transitional Living Inside a “Village” Community
OttBrian2018Sense Work: Inequality and the Labor of Connoisseurship
ShenkinEvan2018Activism or Extractivism: Indigenous Land Struggles in Eastern Bolivia
SilvaTony2018Bud-Sex: Sexual Flexibility Among Rural White Straight Men Who Have Sex with Men
StewartLauren2018The Power of Pleasure: Heteronormativity and Homophobia in Heterosexual Sex
Van PeltCraig2018Food Values and the Human Right to Food: A Sociological Analysis of Food Insecurity in Oregon
WuTongyu2018Brogrammers, Tech Hobbyists, and Coding Peasants: Surveillance, Fun, and Productivity in High Tech
Abedi-AnimMeCherri2017Bound by Blackness: African Migration, Black Identity, and Linked Fate in Post-Civil Rights America
BesekJordan2017On the Historicity of Social and Ecological Change: From the Asian Carp Invasion to the Reversal of the Chicago River
CamargoMartha2017Reinvigorating the Contact Hypothesis
DasMadhurima2017Mothers Across Borders: A Transnational Analysis of Parenting Between Indian Mothers in Edison and Kolkata
DeutschSierra2017Western Conversation as an Accidental Vector for Capitalism: A Socioeconomic Cross-National Comparison of Irrawaddy Dolphin Conversation Projects
JamesonCade2017Radical Conservation and the Politics of Planning: A Historical Study, 1917-1945
LinShih-Chi2017Socioeconomic Inequalities in Health under Marketization and Community Context: Evidence from China
LoweJesse2017The Influence of Primary Market Growth on Human Capital Development: A Comparison of Regional and Individual Outcomes
MartinDavid2017User ID/entity: Examining the Role of Online Interactions in Black Racial Identity Formation
MonsourMitch2017Together and Alone: Intimacy and Alienation in the Age of Competitive Individualism
NguyenCindy2017Vietnamese American Racialization and Ethnic Organizations
SuwandiIntan2017Back to Production: Labor-Value Commodity Chains and the Imperialist World Economy
DeHaan Tracy2016Dying to Succeed: A Qualitative Content Analysis of Online News Reports About Affluent Teen Suicide Clusters
McGeeJulius2016The Paradox of Green Commodities
ClementMatthew2015Local Growth and Land Use Intensification: A Sociological Study of Urbanization and Environmental Change
GunnJeff2015Pipelines of Influence: The Fossil Fuels Industry, Climate Change, and the Policy Planning Network
HardnackChris2015Framing Neoliberalism: The Counter-hegemonic Framing of the Global Justice, Antiwar, and Immigrant Rights Movements
AbelsonMiriam2014Men in Context: Transmasculinities and Transgender Experiences in Three US Regions
ErgasChristina2014Barriers to Urban Sustainability
FriesenMatthew2014Parsing the Palate: A mixed Methods Analysis of the US Food Advocacy Movement
RodgersKatie2014Leaving the Game: Status and Identity in the Role Exit of Professional Football Players
WishartW. Ryan2014Underdeveloping Appalachia: Toward an Environmental Sociology of Extractive Economies
CrawfordSeth2013The Political Economy of Medical Marijuana
EddyMatthew2013Recalibrating Conceptualizations of ‘Cultures of Peace’: A Cross-National Study of Nonviolent Attitudes
JonnaR. Jamil2013Toward a Political-Economic Sociology of Unemployment: Renewing the Classical Reserve Army Perspective
ParkKwang-Hyung2013After the Crossroads: Neo-liberal Globalization, Democratic Transition, and Progressive Urban Community Activism in South Korea
ApplebyKeith2012Same-Sex Sexual Behavior in America: An Age-Period Cohort Analysis
EricksonNathan2012“It’s a Neo-Liberal World, We're All Just Living in It”: The Effects of Capitalist Ideology on Ex-Offenders and the Organizations that Work with Them
HollemanHannah2012Energy Justice and Foundations for a Sustainable Sociology of Energy
LeymonAnn2012Fighting for a Fair Economy? The Response of Labor Unions to Economic Crisis
RienziElizabeth2012A Part Yet Apart: Exploring Racial and Ethnic Identity Formation for Korean Transracial Adoptees Raised in the U.S. Midwest
ShirleyWes2012When Activism is Terrorism: Special Interest Politics and State Repression of the Animal Rights Movement
CribbsSarah2011Rooted in the Past, Blind to the Present: Health Care Administrator’s Perceived Role and Response to Spanish-Speaking Immigrants in a New-Settlement Community
BellShannon2010Fighting King Coal: The Barriers to Grassroots Environmental Justice Movement Participation in Central Appalachia
LeymonMark2010“Fixed” Sentencing: The Effects of Imprisonment Rates Over Time
LougeeNicholas2010Who Rocks the Boat? Environmental Organizations in the US: The Effects of Identities, Strategies and Resources on Oppositionality of Political Advocacy
MillerAmy2010Experiences with Hospital Transport for Planned Home Births
PilgeramRyanne2010Constructing Sustainable Agriculture at a Northwest Farmer's Market: Understanding the Performance of Sustainability
SkinnerLara2010Is it Just Sustainability? The Political-Economy of Urban Sustainability, Economic Development and Social Justice
De La TorreMaria2009Race and Ethnicity in the Mexican Migration Experience
EdwardsEric2009Breastfeeding, Inequality, and State Policy in the United States
HaneyTimothy2009Off to the (Labor) Market: Women, Work and Welfare Reform in the 21st Century American Cities
LongoStefano2009Global Sushi: A Socio-Ecological Analysis of the Sicilian Bluefin Tuna Fishery
MancusPhilip2009An International Division of Nature: The Effects of Structural Adjustment on Agricultural Sustainability
OlszewskiBrandon2009Let’s See a Show of Hands: How Participation in School Reform Affects Teachers’ Work
SunXiao-e2009Transnationalism of Recent Ethnic Chinese Scientists in the United States
BalaevMikhail2008International Trade Ties and Democracy in the Post-Soviet World-System
ClarkKhaya2008The Development of a Racial Attitudes Index, Grades K-3
ClausenRebecca2008Social and Ecological Transformations of Global Marine Fisheries
EzquerraSandra2008The Regulation of the South-North Transfer of Reproductive Labor: Filipino Women in Spain and the United States
NavarroBernard2008Southern Ute Language Revitalization: A Case Study in Indigenous Cultural Survival and Decolonization
EarlesLaura2007Ways of Old, Ways of New: Realism and Idealism in Community Supported Agriculture
FridellMara2007Exclusion and Immigrant Incorporation: The Politics of Citizenship
GerbrandtRoxanne2007Exposing the Unmentionable Class Barriers in Graduate Education
HudsonMark2007The Slow Co-Production of Disaster: Wildfire, Timber Capital, and the United States Forest Service
SchoeningJoel2007Democracy Derailed: Cooperative Values Confront Market Demands at a Worker Owned Firm
SonJuyeon2007Same Yet Different: The Impact of Immigrant Identity and Immigrant Differences on Three Health Measures
StrahmAnn2007Prestige Press Reporting of War and Occupation: Enemy Combatants or a Coalition of the Willing
VessLora2007The Politics of PVC
ClarkBrett2006Metabolic Rift: Toward a Sociology of Ecological Crisis
Darves-BornozDerek2006Corporate Trade Policy Activism: Network and Organizational Determinants
HurstAllison2006Loyalists, Renegades and Double Agents: Making Sense of Working-Class Identities in College
JonesAndrew2006How the Media Frame Global Warming: A Harbinger of Human Extinction or Endless Summer Fun?
StrangfeldJennifer2006Corporate Unity as a Power Dynamic: A Study of Corporate Cohesion in the Formation of the 1979 National Energy Policy and the 1992 Energy Policy Act
GordonHava2005The Scapegoat Generation Fights Back: How Young People Challenge Age Subordination and Find Empowerment in Movements for Social Justice
GumbhirVikas2005Racial Profiling in Eugene, Oregon: A Case Study in Race, Community, and Law Enforcement
PrewPaul2005Position in the World-Economy and Environmental Impact: A Renewed Dedication to the Interplay of Theory and Method
SilvaggioAnthony2005The Forest Defense Movement, 1980-2005: Resistance at the Point of Extraction, Consumption and Production
WolfBrian2005Environmental Crime and Justice: The Organizational Composition of Corporate Noncompliance
AdeleNiame2004Restructuring Consciousness: How a Representative Organization of the Human Potential Movement Bridges Personal Identity and Community with the Demands of Work Gone Global
CastroCarlos2004Contesting Sustainable Development: Capitalist Underdevelopment and Resistance in the Fishing Communities of Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua
HormelLeontina2004Gender and Informal Work Arrangements in Post-Soviet Komsomolsk, Ukraine
RomeroSergio2004The Welfare Reform Crisis, 1988-1996: An Analysis of the Conservative Policy Network's Role in the Passage of the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996
SuttonBarbara2004Body Politics and Women's Consciousness in Argentina
BalighLamece2003"Now is Not the Time to Cower": Racialized Representations, Articulations, and Contestations of Arab American Women
BurrastonBert2003The Career Criminal Debate: Comparing Finite Mixture Modeling with Growth Mixture Modeling
MontoyaMartin2003The Methodological Risk of Relying on Official Statistics to Construct Crime and Other Deviancy Rates
MuellerUlrike2003White Germanness, German Whiteness: Race, Nation and Identity
NorgaardKari2003Community, Place and Privilege: Double Realities, Denial, and Climate Change in Norway
WidenerDonna2003The Stories They Tell, the Lives They Create: Exploring Processes of Self and Identity Formation in Intercollegiate Student Athletes
DumasTracey2002An Analysis of Depression and Social Support Among Blacks in the United States
LummusAllan2002Defining Environmental Justice: Race, Movement and the Civil Rights Legacy
WeigtJill2002The Work of Mothering: Welfare Reform and the Carework of Working Class and Poor Mothers
HarrisScott2001What is Equal? The Social Construction of Equality in Marriage
HelmstetterCraig2001The Stratification of Political Consciousness
MezahavAmatzya2001Radio and Structural Adjustment in Fairy Hill, Jamaica
MurataToshihiko2001Item Nonresponse in Telephone Surveys
CarterMarilyn2000Mediating Medicine: Controversy, Credibility, and the Use of Alternatives to Conventional Hormone Therapy
SendakShelley2000Fading Light: The Case of Doris Ulmann
SmithEmery2000Adult Influence in Youth Subcultures: The Case of Skinheads
EdwardsSheila1998Longitudinal Analysis of Depression and Treatment in Black Maternal Survivors of Late Fetal and Infant Death
OlneyKent1998Religion and the American Deaf Community: A Sociological Analysis of the Chicago Mission for the Deaf, 1890-1941
RosenblumAva1998Connecting Online: An Ethnomethodologically Informed Study of Communication Between Couples on the Internet
SouthardPeggy1998Looking for Sanctuary: Staying on Publicly Owned Lands as a Response to Homelessness
ZuckermanPhilip1998Opposite Sides of the Street: Religious Schism and one Jewish Community's Struggle
WaetjenThembisa1997Worker and Warriors: Masculinity and Class in Innkatha's Politics of Ethnicity
BarkleyKathryn1996Social Change and Social Service: A Case Study of a Feminist Battered Women's Shelter
StorrsDebbie1996Mixed Race Women: The Construction and Contestation of Racial Boundaries, Meanings, and Identities
IsaacsonLynne1996Delicate Balances: Rearticulating Gender Ideology and Rules for Sexuality in a Jesus People Communal Movement
JohnstonSal1996Paradoxes of Identity: Liberalism, Bio-Power and "Homosexual" Politics in Oregon
OhIngyu1996Making an Octopus: The Rise and Development of the South Korean Chaebol and the Japanese Keiretsu
TraversAnn1996Writing the Public in Cyberspace
VarçinRecep1996An Analysis of Conflict and Cooperation in the Informal Sector of the Economy in Turkey
WinklerCelia1996The Canary in the Coal Mine: Single Mothers and the Welfare State, The Swedish Experience
DawsonMichael1995The Consumer Trap: Big Business Marketing and the Frustration of Personal Life in the United States since 1945
IngalsbeeTimothy1995Earth First!: Consciousness in Action in the Unfolding of a New-Social-Movement
WolfS. Rowan1995Structurally Based Conflict in Organizations: A Case Study of A Metropolitan Community College
CardDouglas1994The Division and Reunification of the German Central Place System
FerberAbby1994Regulating Interracial Sexuality: The Production of Racialized, Gendered Subjects in Contemporary White Supremacist Discourse
MohammadFida1994The Hegemonic Role of the Criminal Justice System in Pakistan
ParkerMary Lou1994Fashioning Feminism: The Making of the Lucy Stone League by Members and Media
TuominenMary1994The Conflicts of Care-Giving: Gender, Race/Ethnicity and the Changing Political Economy of Child-Care Labor
WrightSue1994When Support Systems Falter: Factors Influencing School Support in Oregon, 1980-1990
BowmanSally1993Gender and the Grade-Level Differences in Identity and the Formation of Educational and Occupational Aspirations
FoxJulia1993The Nature of Ownership and Control of the Top South Korean Corporations: An Analysis of Stock Holdings and the Network Analysis of Stock and Director Ties
HansonLynn1993Women, Identity, and Intimacy
LarsenRonald Scott1993Technological Generations and the Spread of the Social Definition of New Technologies
RousseauNathan1993Survey on Spirituality: A Typology of Seekership
WilliamsSuzanne1993Class, Gender, and the Political Consciousness of White Working-Class Women
ZhengJian Bin1993Covariates of Infant and Early Childhood Mortality in Thailand: A Hazards Model Analysis of the DHS Data with Policy Implications
BohmerSusanne1992Pathways to Therapy: Social Aspects of Women's Help-Seeking
LachDenise1992Legitimation Processes in Environmental Dispute Resolution: A Case Study
OrrMartin1992Social Change and Metatheoretical Shift in Sociological Analyses of Ethnicity
RossLuana1992Mothers Behind Bars: A Comparative Study of the Experiences of Imprisoned American Indian and White Women
StempelCarl1992Towards a Historical Sociology of Sport in the United States
AlamShamsul1991The State, Class, Formation and Development in Bangladesh: 1971-1990
BriggsJoyce1991The Influence of Personal and Family Resources on the Sex Type and Prestige of Female Occupational Aspirations During Middle Childhood and Adolescence
DumontClayton1991Loggers and Radical Environmentalists: Cultural Struggles in Timber Country
EhsanMansoor1991Politics of Martyrdom in Post-Revolutionary Iran
NewbyMaureen1991The Export of Pesticides to Developing Nations: Implications for the Structure of International Interaction
RaajpootUzzer1991Birth Interval Dynamics: The Case of Pakistan
SaltJames1991Sun Belt Capital and Conservative Political Realignment in the 1970s and 1980s
Seyed-EmamiKavous1991Shi'ism and Development in Post-Revolutionary Iran
BrandisPam1990Theological Orientation and Political Belief Among Mainline Protestant Clergy in Oregon: 1962 and 1987
EliseSharon1990Routes to Teenage Motherhood: African, Native, and European Americans
IlterTugrul1990Hegemony of Empiricism and Disciplinary Government in Sociology: A Tale of an Alien in Exile in the United Methods of Empiricism
YiYoung1990Liberal Protestant Leaders Working for Social Change: South Korea, 1957-1984
BarkerJudith1989Single Mothers, Powerlessness and Empowerment: A Class, Race and Sexual Orientation Comparison
DornsifeCarolyn1989Women in Nontraditional Employment: Gender Differences in the Job Satisfaction of National Park Rangers
FongColleen1989Tracing the Origins of a "Model Minority": A Study of the Depictions of Chinese Americans in Popular Magazines
HeuserLinda1989A Content Analysis of Emotion Words Used in Mass Media Periodicals and Professional Journals to Describe Women's Emotional Reactions to Breast Cancer
HuntCharles1989Africa and the AIDS Pandemic: Migrant Labor and Sexually Transmitted Disease
NgWendy1989Collective Memory, Social Networks, and Generations: The Japanese American Community in Hood River, Oregon
MayberryMaralee1988Doing it Their Way: A Study of Oregon's Home Schoolers
DeSmitherCarol1987From Calling to Career: Work and Professional Identity Among American Women Missionaries to China, 1900-1950
JohnsonSteven1987The Politics and Economics of American Arms Transfers in the Post World War Two Era
BarkerMelissa1986An Organizational Perspective on Job Evaluation Methods: Implications for Comparable Worth Approaches to Pay Equity
Abo AmashaEl Esawey1985Imperialism, Peripheral Capitalism and Trade Integration Among Peripheries: The Case of the Arab Countries
CochraneBrenda1985The Impact of Unemployment on Women Workers
KueckerLiza1985Men in Nursing
McDadeKatherine1985Regulating Nuclear Families: State Intervention in Cases of Child Sexual Abuse
DunnArdys1984Traditional Medicine Among Mexican Americans: The Role of Acculturation and Socioeconomic Status
ElliottDavid1984International Migration and Population Homeostasis: An Historical Study
FieldsEcho1984Preachers, Press, and Politics: The Media Career of a Conservative Social Movement
HellumFrank1984Adolescent Labeling and Adult Crime: Self-Image as an Intervening Variable
HumphriesHarry1984The Structure and Politics of Intermediary Class Positions: An Empirical Examination of Recent Theories of Class
KeddemAliza1984The Integration of Wives into Wage-Work and the Working-Class's Struggle to Maintain Its Standard of Living
LadouceurPatricia1984Criminal Careers, Alcohol and Drug Use: A Longitudinal Study
NelsonRaymond1984Retarded Adults in the Competitive Employment Sector: A Descriptive Analysis of Deviance and Occupations
PerozoJaime1984The Role of Oil in Shaping Mexico and Venezuela as Semiperipheral Countries
RosenfeldRichard1984Inequality and Crime
WhartonAmy1984Blue-Collar Segregation: A Demand-Side Analysis
JonesBarnie1983Industrialization, Income, Population and Regional Equality: An Analysis of the Impact of Industrial Employment Growth in Nonmetropolitan Areas 1960 to 1970
LangSylvia1983Occupational Mobility and the Dual Economy: The Impact of Industrial Sectors and Three Human Capital Variables on the Movement of Young Women and Men in the United States
LangDwight1983Educational Equality and the Academic Hierarchy: A Study of Social Class, Sex, and Race Stratification in Graduate and Professional Schools in the United States
WilsonMichael1983An Evaluation of the Relative Utility of Regression and Autoregressive Time Series Models for the Analysis of Interrupted Time Series Quasi-Experiments
AlderChristine1982An Exploration of Self-Reported Sexual Aggression
Bazemore, Jr.Samuel1982Growing Out of Delinquency: The Adolescent Labeling Experience and Reform
CordraySheila1982The Problem of Attrition in Longitudinal Survey Research
GillSandra1982Supporting Equality for Women: An Analysis of Attitudes Toward the Equal Rights Amendment
HanfordTerry1982The "Pareto Voge": Vilfredo Pareto's Reception Among American Sociologists
LermanDavid1982The Virtual Majority: Nonvoters in the 1980 Presidential Election
LewisJonathan1982A Preliminary Structuralist Analysis of State-Ruling Class Relations Documented by a Historical Study of Policy Research Groups in America
PozzutoRichard1982Scientific Sociology, Alienation and Community
ReismanJane1982Conflict Management in Public Bureaucracies: The Case of School Superintendents and City Managers
TempleMark1982Educational Attainment and the Stratification Process: Patterns of College Completion
TessonGeoffrey1982Some Implications in the Developmental Psychology of Jean Piaget for the Treatment of Knowledge in Sociological Theory
ZahndElaine1982Protective Legislation and Women's Work: Oregon's Ten-Hour Law and the Muller v. Oregon Case, 1900-1912.
EnarsonElaine1981Sexuality in the Workplace: A Study of Outdoor Women Workers in the Forest Service
IselyBarbara1981Social Correlates of Sex Differences in Mortality in a Small Area of South India
OrcuttCarla1981The Process of International Integration in Europe
RhoadesCindy1981A Sociological Look at the Impact of Normalization: Implications of the Movement to Community Integrate
SkoldKaren1981Women Workers and Child Care During World War II: A Case Study of the Portland, Oregon Shipyards
CarlsonChristopher1980The Rural Family in the Nineteenth Century: A Case Study in Oregon's Willamette Valley
GretherJudith1980Sterilization and Eugenics: An Examination of Early Twentieth Century Population Control in the United States
van de KraghtAlphonse1980
FiniganMichael1979The Influence of Sex Ration on Group Process in Small Professional Work Settings
OsburnJerry1979Metropolitan to Nonmetropolitan Migration
FeuerbergMarvin1978Sexual Inequality: A Theoretical and Empirical Exploration
LembckeJerry1978The International Woodworkers of America: An Internal Comparative Study of Two Regions
McCloskeyDavid1978Anomie, Egoisme, and the Modern World. Suicide, Durkheim and Weber, Modern Cultural Traditions, and the First and Second Protestant Ethos
ThompsonWilson1978Small Colleges and Goal Displacement: A Study of Christian College Secularization
ZinnMaxine1978Marital Roles, Marital Power and Ethnicity: A Study of Changing Chicano Families
BerberogluBerch1977The Role of the State in the Post-Independence Economic Development of Turkey, 1923-1960
ChastainMichael1977Delinquency, the School Experience and Conception of Self and Opportunities
DunnMarvin1977Kinship and Class: A Study of the Weyerhaeuser Family
Miller, IIIJohn1977Superorganization as an Interorganizational Strategy
BrinkmanJune1976The Relationship Between Marital Integration and the Working Mother
GoodingLawrence1976A Sociological Study of Shrine Shinto in Modern Japan
HarrisJerome1976Sexism in Work in the Alternative Community
HoffmanFrances1976Foundations of Feminist Social Theory: Implications of Freudian and Existentialist Ontologies
RothsteinDavid1976Intergroup Contact and Socio-cultural Change
SmithsonMichael1976Of Icons and Motorcycles: A Sociological Study of Acculturation Among Russian Old Believers in Central Oregon and Alaska
SteigerByron1976The Problematic Character of Social Change
FeuerbergGary1975Principles of Muckraking: A Comparative Analysis into the Origins, Structure, Contents of Muckraking
HengstAcco1975Intergenerational Occupational Mobility and Political Behavior
SolomonMark1975Communal Experiments in Nineteenth Century America: Causes of Their Relative Success
ThompsonLitchfield1975Recurring Ideological Themes in the Sociology of Black Nationalism: From the Founding Fathers to Contemporary Analysis
HodgesDaniel1974The Logic of Explanation in the Sociology of Religion
KolodyBohdan1974Measurement Error in Bivariate and Multivariate Linear Correlation and Regression: A Simulation
PhillipsJohn1974Creation of Deviant Behavior in High Schools: An Examination of Cohen's General Theory of Subcultures
RettigRichard1974A Study in Student Development: Rebellion and Delinquency as Alternative Responses to Schooling
Stockard(Alice) Jean1974The Development of Sex-Role Related Attitudes and Behaviors of Young Women
WeaverHarold1974The Client Relationship and the Academic Profession: A Study or Professional Socialization of Graduate Assistants
Levantol (McDowell)Margaret1973Religious Elements in the Soviet Rule
Blake, JrGerald1973School Dropouts: A Study of the Antecedents and Consequences of Dropping Out of High School
CarterLawrence1973Comparative Analyses of Differentiated Migration Streams by Color, 1955-66: Forecasting Models
DunlapRiley1973Legislative Voting on Environmental Issues: An Analysis of Party Membership
HeuserJames1973The Methodological Adequacy of Deviant Behavior Research: Problems and Prospects for the Conventional Study of Unconventional Behavior
JohnsonJames1973A Test of Metric and Non-Metric Scaling Techniques Under Realistic Error Conditions
MahoneyEldon1973The Processual Characteristics of Self Conception
NoblitGeorge1973Delinquency and Access to Success: A Study of the Consequences of the Delinquency Label
BalchRobert1972Negative Reactions to Delinquent Labels in a Junior High School
CurlHarrold1972Environmental Concern in a Small City
DearmanMarion1972Do Holiness Sects Socialize in Dominant Values?: An Empirical Inquiry
KellyJohn (Jack)1972The Meaning of Leisure: Work Relation and Discretion as the Definitional Dimensions of Leisure
MackintoshKenneth1972Acknowledgement Patterns in Sociology
MukasaLontani1972Ethnicity and National Unification in Uganda and Kenya
NachmiasChava1972Determinants of Educational Motivation: Some Alternative Models
PaulGurbachan1972The Stay or Return Decision of Indian Students (A Special Case of International Migration)
PoelzerDolores1972Church Conformity: An Exploratory Study of Recurrent Religious Ritual
SpadyDale1972Socio-economic Status and the Ecology of Juvenile Delinquency: Some Methodological Considerations
AndersonRichard1971Occupational Differentiation by Age and Urban Industrial Development
BarilCecile1971Compliance to Therapeutic Programs: A Study in Sick Role Adoption
BaxterEunice1971Body Orientation and Looking Behavior as Threat and Appeasement: A Study of Non-verbal Communication
BuffingtonLarry1971Professionality Within and Between Occupations: A Comparative Study
BullC. Neil1971Accuracy of Predictions of Future Daily Behaviors: A Replication
ChertokJeffers1971Some Implications of the Sociology of Knowledge for the Methodology of the Social Sciences
HedleyRobert1971Freedom and Constraint: A Study of British Factory Workers
IrleRoger1971Diversity of Experience and Clergy World View
LangfordCharles1971Religious Group Attendance and Occupational Decision-making: A Study of High School Seniors from a Pacific Northwest Suburban School District
LittleRonald1971Some Problems in the Correlational Analysis of Change
MaldonadoLionel1971Social Stratification in Two Societies: An Exercise in Futility
SanteeRichard1971Interpersonal Attraction and Identity Validation
StolzmanJames1971Power and the Social Construction of Consensus
TaveggiaThomas1971The Necessity of Work: An Empirical Study of British Factory Workers
Tipps, Jr.Havens1971The Relationship Between Urbanization and Dimensions of Legislative Output
WestineJohn1971The Social Element in the Locational Behavior of Urban People
BerryJimmy1970The Educational Process and Youth Deviance
DevallWilliam1970The Governing of a Voluntary Organization: Democracy and Oligarchy in the Sierra Club
EndoCalvin1970Career Anchorage Points and Central Life Interests of Japanese Middle Managers
HendricksonLes1970Kinship, Achievement and Social change in Tribal Societies: Report of 1300 Interviews with Rubber Workers in Liberia, West Africa
HofstetterMerlin1970The Meaning of Appropriate Role Behavior
HowardMary1970A Study of Organizational Innovation: Sponsorship of the Upward Bound Program Among Institutions of Higher Education
JohnsonBryce1970Clergymen's Views of Hippies: A Conceptually Oriented Survey
KellyDelos1970Social Class, School Status and Self-Evaluation as Related to Adolescent Values, Success and Deviance
KnappDaniel1970Scouting the War on Poverty: Social Reform Politics in the Kennedy Administration
LewisGeorge1970The Manipulation of Character Data in the Social Sciences
RichmondFrederic1970A Suggested Paradigm of the Group Decision Process
RomoBertram1970Attitudinal and Behavioral Correlates of Work Success Among Young Adults in Oregon
SchusterEdmund1970Industrial Conflict and Its Institutionalization: A Comparative Analysis of Sweden, Canada, and the United States
StehrNikolaus1970Evaluations of the Consequences of Science and Technology by the German Public: A Study in the Sociology of Science
StephanGeorge1970Variation in County Size: An Historical and Ecological Explanation
StuartC. Michael1970An Exploration in the Empirical Study of Values
Withers (Hoffstetter)Heather1970The Problem of Family Status Arrangements in Stratification Analysis
CouchmanIain1969Self Concept of Low Income Blacks: A Descriptive Evaluation
DudleyCharles1969Task Structure, Allocation of Power, and Satisfaction of Organization Members in Six Schools
FashingJoseph1969The Politics of Educational Change: Experimental Education in the College and University
FreaseDean1969The Schools, Self-Conception and Delinquency
KlemkeLloyd1969Higher Education Academic Failures Coming to a Community College and Labeling Theoretical Perspective
LarsonLyle1969The Structure and Process of Social Influence During Adolescence: An Examination of the Salience Hierarchy
McCombJohn1969Anomie, Adolescent Status, and Future Orientations
QuinonesJulio1969Political Stability and Economics Growth
BurkettSteven1968Interpersonal Relations and Their Effects on College Drinkers
GoldmanDaniel1968Career Anchorage and Central Life Interests of Middle Managers
GrayGeorge1968The Effects of Temporal Marginality Upon Social Participation
HarryJoseph1968Primary Behavior in Voluntary Associations
JacobsenRalph1968Intrafamily Modes of Socialization: Theoretical Development and Test
McCarthyJohn1968Race and Political Activity in an Urban Context
Poston, JrDudley1968Industrialization and Occupational Differentiation by Sex: United States 1950-1960
ZwermanWilliam1968Technology and Industrial Organization
AckerJoan1967Relationship Between Institutions: A Case Study of a Public Welfare Department and Business Organizations
KovalJohn1967The Drifters and the Directed: An Anatomy of Educational Engagement
BerryKenneth1966Status Integration and Morbidity
MartinThomas1966Differential Expectations and the Postulate of Role Consensus: An Analysis of Agreement on Role Expectations Between Parents and Teachers
BowlesRoy1965The Social Sources of Opinion Consistency
CallDonald1965Delinquency, Frustration, and Non-Committment
LarsonCalvin1965Economic and Ecological Factors in Relation to Community Leadership Structure: A Comparative and Historical Analysis of Two Oregon Communities
McNallScott1965The Freedom Center: A Case Study of Politico-Religious Sect
RushGary1965Status Crystallization and Right-Wing Extremist Attitudes
SpenceDonald1965The Aged and Their Adjustment: A Problem in Theory Construction
Van BlaaderenAndreas1965Towards a Theory of Urban Changes
BlumstockRobert1964The Evangelization of Jews: A Study in Interfaith Relations
ScanzoniJohn1964Resolution and the Role Incompatibility in Church and Sect Clergy Marriage
BorhekJames1963An Incongruence Theory of Intolerance: An Alternative to Current Sociological and Psychological Modes
DodgeDavid1963Social Stress, Integration and Chronic Disease Morbidity and Mortality
MeissnerMartin1963Behavioral Adaptations in Industrial Technology
O'TooleRichard1963Experiments in George Herbert Mead's 'Taking the Role of the Other'
PaulusCaleb1963The Impact of Urbanization on Fertility in India
PopeClyde1963Occupational Mobility as an Independant Variable
TauskyCurt1963Career Anchorage Points of Middle Managers
RollinsJames1962Two Empirical Tests of a Parsonian Theory of Family Authority Patterns
SpraySherrad1962Behavioral Mix in Role Performance: A Study of Executive Behavior
LeonardRobert1961Leaders' Judgement of their Own Groups' Opinions: A Case Study in Sociological Theory Building
WolfeDavid1961Conflicts in Academic Committments to Organizational Change: A Study in the Sociology of Education
YourglichAnita1961A Study of Role Consensus in the Family System
UllmanPaul1959Parental Participation in Child Rearing as Evaluated by Male Social Deviates
CadwalladerMervyn1957A Cybernetic Theory of Social Change
GibbsJack1957A Sociological Study of Suicide
LewisRobert1955A Test of an Aspect of Veblen's Theory Regarding Socio-economic Class Stratification
MalanVernon1955The Development of Irrigation Institutions in the Semi-Arid West
FullertonGail1954A Field Evaluation of Acculturation Theory (co-authored with Snell Putney)
PutneySnell1954A Field Evaluation of Acculturation Theory (co-authored with Gail Fullerton)