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Job Market Candidates

Sarah Ahmed

Dissertation: Women’s Empowerment through Polio Eradication: Agency and Representation of Lady Health Workers in Pakistan

Areas of Interest: Global sociology, gender and development, south Asia, global health, agency and empowerment

Committee: Michael Dreiling (Chair), John Foster, Kemi Balogun, Yvonne Braun (International Studies & Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies)

Curriculum Vitae


Jeanine Cunningham

Dissertation: Contesting the Valley: How Regional Elites Legitimate Claims to Environmental Resources

Areas of Interest: Political sociology, social movements, sociology of culture, environmental sociology, deviance and crime, network analysis, quantitative and qualitative methods

Committee: Ryan Light (Chair), Michael Dreiling, Matthew Norton, Raoul Liévanos, Peter Walker (Geography)

Curriculum Vitae


Allison Ford

Dissertation: Environmental Politics at the End of the World – Prepping as Environmental Practice

Areas of Interest: Environmental sociology, culture, emotions, gender, contemporary social theory, qualitative methods

Committee: Kari Norgaard (chair), Ryan Light, Matt Norton, CJ Pascoe, Anita Chari (Political Science)

Curriculum Vitae


Andrea Herrera

Dissertation: Understanding Systems of Power through Femininity Practices

Areas of Interest: Sexualities, sex & gender, race, embodiment, intersectionality, qualitative methods, new media

Committee: CJ Pascoe (chair), Kemi Balogun, Tristan Bridges, and Priscilla Ovalle (Cinema Studies)

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Kathryn Norton-Smith

Dissertation: “You’re Too Young for This Cancer”: An Intersectional Analysis of Off-time Illness

Areas of interest: Race and ethnicity, intersectionality, health and illness, sex and gender, medical sociology, body and embodiment, environmental sociology

Committee: Jessica Vasquez-Tokos (Chair), Ellen Scott, Ryan Light, Jill Harrison, and Elizabeth Budd (Education)

Curriculum Vitae


Larissa Petrucci

Dissertation: Taylored Flexibility: Agile, Capitalism, and the Software Labor Process

Areas of Interest: Work economy and organizations, labor process, political economy, race, class, and gender

Committee: Jill Ann Harrison (Chair), Eileen Otis, Ellen Scott, Anita Chari (Political Science)

Curriculum Vitae



Dan Shtob

Dissertation: Resilience, Recovery, and Reality: Hurricanes, Housing, and the Human Cost of Disaster in Two Florida Coastal Communities

Areas of interest: Environmental sociology, urban sociology, environmental change and natural hazards, environmental justice and inequality, law and society

Committee: Richard York (Chair), Raoul Liévanos, Erin Moore (Architecture and Environmental Studies), Leigh Johnson (Geography)

Curriculum Vitae