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Andrea Herrera

Andrea Herrera profile picture
  • Affiliation: gtf
  • Title: PhD Candidate
  • Affiliated Departments: IRES
  • Interests: sexualities, sex & gender, race, embodiment, intersectionality, qualitative methods, new media

CV Summary

Andrea P Herrera, MA, ABD has published on sexual identity hashtags, the construction of gender and sexuality within and by high schools, discourses of sexual violence on university campuses, and strategies for eliminating sexual inequalities. She co-edited Gender, Sexuality, and Race in the Digital Age, a forthcoming anthology from Springer. In her dissertation, she argues that drag – which is often conceptualized in terms of gender and sexuality – is (also) a racial project wherein femme queens (drag queens who are not cisgender men) construct an intersectional, subcultural matrix of “competing femininities” that both challenge and reinforce normative systems of gender, sexuality, and race.  Herrera has teaching experience across university course levels in sociology, ethnic studies, rhetoric/composition, and women’s, gender, and sexuality studies. More information can be found at