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Michelle Alexander

Michelle  Alexander profile picture
  • Title: Graduate Employee
  • Office: 211A Hendricks Hall
  • Affiliated Departments: Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies


My name is Michelle Alexander and my focus in Sociology is Labor, specifically overnight or “graveyard shift” labor.  I am interested in exploring the people who work overnights and the ways in which overnight work culture are generated by management strategies.  I am also interested in alternative worlds – both online ones like WoW and EverQuest and “real life” ones like reenactment groups which can be more temporary.  Lastly, I have an interest in fan cultures and how different fans communicate both in unifying and in antagonistic ways.

                I live with my partner in Springfield, OR and we are the proud parents of a fractious Baby Kitty who is the most adorable cat to send a vet to Urgent Care I have ever seen.