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Tony Silva

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I am currently completing a dissertation under the direction of Professor CJ Pascoe, entitled “Bud-Sex: Sexual Flexibility among Rural White Straight Men Who Have Sex With Men.” I expect to earn my doctorate in Sociology and my certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies by June 2018. My research and teaching interests include gender, sexuality, rural sociology, qualitative and quantitative methods, and race/ethnicity. 

My research examines how individuals negotiate and understand social categories that—while often perceived as natural—are actually socially constructed. Specifically, I examine gender and sexual identities, including their intersections with race and place, and investigate diversity within them. As a mixed-methods researcher, I conduct research using interviews and secondary data analysis of nationally representative surveys. Doing so allows me to detail complex, nuanced themes and to uncover broad social relationships at the national level. Although examinations of meaning-making processes have traditionally been the focus of qualitative research, I seek to bring this focus to quantitative research as I utilize nationally representative data to examine sexual identities. 

Through in-depth interviews, my dissertation takes an intersectional approach to understand how whiteness and rurality influence the gender and sexual identities of straight-identified men who have sex with men. Two chapters of my dissertation have been published in Gender & Society and Sexualities.
"Bud-Sex: Constructing Normative Masculinity among Rural Straight Men That Have Sex With Men," is available here:
“‘Helpin’ a Buddy Out’: Perceptions of Identity and Behavior among Rural Straight Men That Have Sex With Each Other," is available here:
Example media coverage of "Bud-Sex" is available here: 

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