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Undergraduate Program

COVID-19 Update:

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our department is following the University’s Return to Campus Plan for fall term. Staff will be working remotely, and at this time we will not be in the office in-person. Please see our web pages for more information about courses and our degree programs.  Questions should be e-mailed to

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Why do people behave the way they do in elevators, classrooms, and around town?  What makes men and women different, and how much of that difference is learned rather than innate?  How does the time period in which we are living influence our choices, actions and beliefs?

Sociology is the analytical study of human groups and societies — how they develop, how they are structured, and how they function. Like human society itself, the field of sociology is extremely broad. Sociologists study the social world, from small groups of friends and families, to formal organizations, to entire nations. We look at social relationships and interactions, power and conflict, structures that hold societies together, and how societies change.


The undergraduate program in sociology at the University of Oregon is designed to provide a broad understanding of human society for students in all fields as well as integrated and more advanced programs for sociology majors.  It is also a popular choice for students in other fields who wish to double major or minor in an area of study that will enhance their understanding of society and the behavior of people.  With 48 credits in the major and 24 credits in the minor, there is plenty of room to take sociology while completing many other academic programs.

Recent graduates are found in every occupation and profession. Some graduates pursue further training in professional schools of social work, business administration, law, public administration and education. Graduate programs in sociology or related fields prepare students for academic careers.