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Advising and Careers

Students are strongly encouraged to maintain contact with their academic advisors to discuss their course of study and plan for their careers.

Sociology Department Assistance

Undergraduate Coordinators Dan O’Neil and Peter Coury are also available in PLC to assist students with the following:

  • Understand the sociology major and minor requirements
  • Choose courses to meet necessary prerequisites and/or major/minor requirements
  • Look ahead at upcoming course offerings to prep for advising appointments
  • Complete registrar forms such as late graduation petitions, tuition refunds, and grade changes
  • Coordinate prerequisite and/or enrollment overrides (with faculty approval)

Location: Prince Lucien Campbell Hall, Undergraduate Office 736
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9-2, additional availability by appointment
MS Teams: Dan O’Neil, Peter Coury

Tykeson College and Career Advising

At Tykeson Hall, you can work with professional College and Career Advisors to explore your interests, schedule your classes, plan for graduation, discuss career possibilities, and more. Sociology falls into Tykeson’s “Public Policy, Society, and Identity” Flight Path. To book an appointment, explore these Flight Paths, or learn more, visit the Tykeson Homepage.

Location: Tykeson Hall
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8-5
Phone: 541-346-9200
MS Teams/Email:
Set up a Meeting: Schedule an Appointment Now