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Advising and Careers

Undergraduates are strongly encouraged to meet regularly with an academic advisor to plan their program of study.  Keeping track of one’s course of study and progress toward graduation is the responsibility of the individual student.

Students are encouraged to maintain contact with their academic advisors throughout their university career to discuss their course of study, and to go over their academic interests and career plans. Continued contact with an advisor can help students develop and maintain an academic program that is consistent with their interests and to stay on track for graduation.

Undergraduate Advisor in Sociology

Elizabeth Milner is the Undergraduate Advisor for Sociology.  She is typically the primary contact for students seeking assistance and would like to encourage all sociology majors and minors to check in with her at least once during the academic year.  Elizabeth is available year-round, including many evenings and weekends by email.

Location: 707 PLC
Phone: (541) 346-1181

Elizabeth can help students:

  • Decide whether or not to pursue a major or minor in sociology
  • Learn to read and understand the UO Degree Guide
  • Select courses for upcoming terms
  • Choose courses that will meet UO general requirements such as Group Satisfying courses
  • Learn to use Schedule Builder
  • Determine whether a non-sociology course might count for sociology credit
  • Create an academic plan based on your desired graduation date
  • Determine whether summer classes would help your academic goals

How to Make an Advising Appointment with Elizabeth:

We recommend Chrome or Firefox browsers.

  1. Log into Navigate: 
  2. Enter your duck ID and password
  3. Click on the blue button on the upper right-hand corner of the screen “Get Academic Advising”.
  4. Follow the prompts.  When asked what type of advising you want, choose “Major/Minor”.
  5. Select “Sociology” as your department/location.
  6. Select Elizabeth Milner from the Advisor box (you may need to click to make the name appear). You will then be given a range of available dates and times.  Make your selection and be sure to fully submit your request at the end in order to reserve your spot.

If this process does not work for you, please contact Elizabeth by email.

You may also use the new Guide App to book advising appointments!

Mike Peixoto, our Undergraduate Coordinator, is also available to assist students to:

  • Understand the sociology major and minor requirements
  • Choose courses to meet necessary prerequisites and/or major/minor requirements
  • Look ahead at upcoming course offerings to prep for advising appointments
  • Complete registrar forms such as late graduation petitions, tuition refunds, and grade changes
  • Coordinate prerequisite and/or enrollment overrides (with faculty approval)

Mike is available year-round and can be contacted using the details below.

Location: 435 PLC

Career Advising

Bill Sherman is the Director of Career and Advising Services in Sociology and Economics.  He is typically the primary contact for studnes seeking internship credit or career advising.

Location: 405 PLC

Bill Sherman has more than a decade of experience in workforce development, helping individuals prepare for thriving careers in labor markets around the world. Schedule a consultation to:

  • Determine if a major in Sociology is right for you.
  • Discuss your academic path—including questions related to minors and concentrations
  • Set up an internship to earn SOC 404 credit
  • Explore the wide range of career options related to sociology.
  • Create competitive resumes and cover letters
  • Initiate an effective job and internship search strategy
  • Build a professional network and understanding business etiquette
  • Prepare for interviews with companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations

You may make an appointment with Bill by contacting him directly.

The Peer Advising Office

In addition to the undergraduate advisor, the department has a peer advising program available to assist students with advising. The Peer Advising Office is staffed by sociology undergraduates who have been trained to advise students on both sociology and university requirements. They assist with planning a course of study, preparing for a more productive meeting with the undergraduate advisor, and in using the university’s other resources.

The Peer Advising Office is staffed during the academic year, weeks 1 through 10 of each term.  It is not staffed during exam weeks or breaks. See the schedule posted on 706 PLC, typically by the second week of term, or contact the Sociology department office for availability.

Location: 706 PLC
Phone: (541) 346-5012

A peer advisor can assist with online progress reports, help fill out the Sociology planning worksheet, and assist students with planning their future academic and professional careers. Students are urged to take frequent advantage of the services of the Peer Advising Office.

Want to be a Peer Advisor?

Apply by week 6 of any term to be considered as a peer advisor the following term (summer excluded).  Applicants must be in good academic standing with at least a 3.0 GPA, be a declared Sociology major, and be able to commit to a minimum of two terms of advising, with 4-6 weekly office hours each term.  You will also earn one credit (P/NP) of Sociology independent study per term.

The application may be found on the door of the Peer Advising Office or download here.

If neither the undergraduate advisors nor the peer advisors are available and your question cannot wait, please contact the sociology department office for assistance.