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Advising and Careers

Undergraduates are strongly encouraged to meet regularly with an academic advisor to plan their program of study.  Keeping track of one’s course of study and progress toward graduation is the responsibility of the individual student.

Students are encouraged to maintain contact with their academic advisors throughout their university career to discuss their course of study, and to go over their academic interests and career plans. Continued contact with an advisor can help students develop and maintain an academic program that is consistent with their interests and to stay on track for graduation.

Tykeson College and Career Advising

The Tykeson College and Career Advising in Willie and Donald Tykeson Hall is UO’s new advising center, located on 13th Avenue, between Johnson and Chapman Halls. At Tykeson Hall, you can work with professional College and Career Advisors who can help you explore your interests, schedule your classes, plan for graduation, discuss career interests, and more.

Tykeson advising is organized by Flight Path.  Sociology majors are in the “Public Policy, Society and Identity” flight path. Please reference this flight path when booking advising appointments.  If you are a double major you might see advisors in more than one flight path.

To schedule an appointment, you may book a half hour appointment either online (using the EAB Navigate website, App Store app or Google Play app) or you may call the Tykeson reception desk at 541-346-9200.  Fifteen-minute drop-in sessions will also be available in fall term where students may be seen same-day without an appointment.  Call Tykeson Hall Reception for information about drop-in times.  Please note that complex issues seen during a drop-in meeting may require an additional appointment to fully address.

Assistance in the Sociology Offices

General questions may be addressed to Nena Pratt at Sociology reception, in 736 PLC or at 541-346-5002.

Mike Peixoto, the Sociology Undergraduate Coordinator, is also available to assist students to:

  • Understand the sociology major and minor requirements
  • Choose courses to meet necessary prerequisites and/or major/minor requirements
  • Look ahead at upcoming course offerings to prep for advising appointments
  • Complete registrar forms such as late graduation petitions, tuition refunds, and grade changes
  • Coordinate prerequisite and/or enrollment overrides (with faculty approval)

Mike is available year-round and can be contacted using the details below.

Location: 435 PLC