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Declare a Sociology Major/Minor

If you are ready to declare a Sociology major or minor, complete the following form.

Note: Sociology majors may choose either a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree or a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree. There is no difference between the two within the Sociology major requirements. If you are a declaring a double major, you must select the same degree type unless you are declaring concurrent degrees.

If you already have a major and are not dropping it, Sociology will be designated your secondary major by default. If you wish to make Sociology your primary major, be sure to write that in the “Notes for the registrar” section.

Change of Major/Minor

Change of Major/Minor

95 number
If you are declaring a Sociology major or minor, check the box
Concentration to Add
Please indicate if you would like to drop a current major or minor, including Sociology.
If you are dropping a major (including Sociology), please indicate which major to drop.
If you are dropping a minor (including Sociology), please indicate which minor to drop.
If you are dropping a SOC concentration, please indicate which concentration to drop.
Information about the requirements for a BS or a BA can be found here:
Note any special circumstances or if you wish sociology to be listed as your primary major