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Declare a Sociology Major/Minor

If you are ready to declare as a sociology major or minor, you may do so in person in 736 PLC by completing the “Undergraduate Change of Major” form, by telephone at 541-346-1181, or via the online form at the bottom of this page.

Sociology permits students to choose either a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree or a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree. There is no difference between the two within the sociology major requirements. However, the UO requires that BA students complete two years of a college-level foreign language, and requires that BS students complete one year of college-level mathematics. (This can sometimes take less time depending on previous coursework and test scores.)  Please note: MATH 95 does not count as college-level mathematics. MATH 105 and up do count.

If you already have a major and are not dropping it, sociology will be designated your secondary major by default. If you wish to make sociology your primary major, be sure to mention that fact. This only has an effect on your degree’s Group Requirements (only one course from your primary major may be applied to group requirements) and may be changed at any time by contacting the Registrar’s office.

If you wish to drop a sociology major or minor you may do so using the same methods as you would to declare.

Change of Major/Minor

Change of Major/Minor

Please fill out this form, then press SUBMIT. Your degree guide will be updated in about 10 business days.

95 number
Check ALL that apply.
Only one class from your primary major may be applied toward Group Satisfying courses, Sociology specifically effects your Social Science Group Requirements.
More information on the types of Bachelor Degrees can be found here:
Failing to do so may delay your request.