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The Department of Sociology at the University of Oregon has an unbroken line of descent dating back to when formal courses in sociology were first taught at the University in 1894.  Our primary strengths are in gender, political & economic sociology, and the sociology of the environment. Each year more than 3,000 students enroll in approximately 86 courses offered by the Department of Sociology. The department has about 50 Ph.D. students and 575 undergraduate majors.  Read more about us…

Department News

December 10, 2014

Spirituality in the UK: London, UK Sociology Course Opportunity

November 20, 2014

Spirituality in the UK: London, UK

Study Sociology in London in Spring Term 2015!

 A New Program about the Sociology of Social Movements, Spirituality, and Subcultures.

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 This is a surprisingly affordable educational experience that merges the city and the classroom! You can take two Sociology classes and add two more in other areas if you want to, for the same costs.

The deadline to apply is January 24, 2015

Join Professor Marion Goldman in Spring Term 2015 in London to consider major issues in the sociology of spirituality and social movements with a focus on London experiences and guest speakers.  Half of the meetings for each class will be either field excursions in different parts of London or revolve around guest speakers.

There is probably no better place than London to learn about subcultures, social movements and spirituality through hands-on experiences. The city is the world. Its incredibly diverse residents and visitors belong to a vast array of cultural groups, social movements and spiritual traditions.

dormWhen classes are not exploring different London or going farther afield, they will meet for lecture and discussion at the UO/AHA London Centre in the middle of the city at 6 Great James Street where students can also use the library, work on their classes or just hang out.  Here’s a picture of the Center:

 Along with class experiences that vary from learning about rugby and cultural identity at the London Welsh Centre to visiting the Central Mosque, there will be opportunities to discover sociological surprises in many other ways: going to the theatre, visiting castles or sampling a global selection of food. In addition to two one day trips to places like Bath there will be a longer excursion to Cardiff, Wales and all of them are included in program fees!

Social Movements and Spirituality – OLON 488, SSC (Group 2), SOC 313, SOC: Major approved

Syllabus SOC 313 Social Issues and Movements in London

Spirituality – OLON 488, SOC 461, SOC, FLR and RS: Major approved

Syllabus SOC 461 Spirituality in the United Kingdom

Most forms of UO financial aid can be applied to the costs of participating and there are also partial scholarships available!!

In addition to major requirements, students meet the IC multicultural requirement, if they need it, by virtue of being in a study abroad program of 10+ weeks.  It will not be attached to any specific course, but it will be updated in their Degree Audit.

General education requirements can be completed (one Group 2, IC multicultural, plus possibly a third and fourth depending on elective course choices in London).

As well as being a terrific learning experience, study abroad is also a great resume builder because it demonstrates students’ intellectual curiosity and abilities to function in global contexts.

If you have any questions contact Diane Peterson at

Marion Goldman at