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March 8, 2017

Winter Colloquium 3/13

“A spectrum of belonging: How race, gender, and sexuality shape the experiences of women working in tech”

March 13th 2017, 12-1pm in 714 PLC

Lauren Alfrey
Assistant Professor in the Departments of Sociology and Social Work
University of Portland


February 28, 2017

Winter Colloquium 3/6/17

“Strategies for State-level Climate Action Policy-making: From Framing to Marriage Equality Tactics”

Janet A. Lorenzen
Willamette University

Abstract: Environmental sociologists recommend policy solutions to address climate change, but how are structural changes accomplished in a “post-hoax” political arena? My work (in progress) explores the process of environmental policy making in Oregon from 2015-2017. This talk draws on 25 in-depth, semi-structured interviews with legislators, legislative staff members, lobbyists, and environmental group leaders, as well as participant observation at hearings and lobby days. I will focus on the strategies used, and barriers encountered, by environmental groups in their attempts to support action on climate change.

Bio: Janet A. Lorenzen earned a Ph.D. in Sociology from Rutgers University and an M.A. in Women’s Studies from San Diego State University. Her research interests, broadly defined, include studying the way people respond to social and environmental problems. She is interested in the micro- and meso-level foundations of macro-level social change; including lifestyle change, social movement strategies, and policymaking. Her dissertation explores the gradual process of transitioning to a green lifestyle, the strategies employed by actors to spread those changes through their social networks, the relationship between lifestyle change and social movements, and the co-construction of green technology and users. Her current research project is on local climate governance.

February 24, 2017

Winter Colloquium 2/27/17

February 27, 2017
714 PLC

Professor James Moody

Department of Sociology, Duke University

The Structural Dynamics of Groups and Roles in Early Adolescent Friendship Networks

A fundamental aspect of school life rests on the collective substructures of peer networks.  We examine two intersecting substructures here: peer groups defined as dense communities of close friends and role positions, defined on the pattern of ties one is embedded within, which are closely aligned with the school status structure.  Combined, these two dimensions define the social field of a school for adolescents. Despite intense policy interest in “peer pressure” and theoretical interests in generalizations of fields, there is little basic descriptive information on the life-history of these key social network substructures in real-world networks, in part due to lack of available data and appropriate methods. Here, we describe the dynamics of groups and roles in dynamic data on 6 waves of  peer network data in a way that lets us see the simultaneous emergence of behavior homophily and status stability.


Bio: James Moody is the Robert O. Keohane professor of sociology at Duke University. He has published extensively in the field of social networks, methods, and social theory. His work has focused theoretically on the network foundations of social cohesion and diffusion, with a particular emphasis on building tools and methods for understanding dynamic social networks. He has used network models to help understand school racial segregation, adolescent health, disease spread, economic development, and the development of scientific disciplines.


January 24, 2017

Winter Term Colloquium Schedule

January 23, 2017

Hilary Boudet (Assistant Professor, Sociology, Oregon State University) and Stephanie Shepard (MPP, Oregon State University)

A Culture of Resilience: Social Capital and Climate Adaption in Post-Flood Boulder County, Colorado

January 30, 2017 

Kelsy Kretschmer (Assistant Professor, Sociology, Oregon State University)

Men at the March: Feminist Boundaries, Media Messages, and Male Allies

February 6, 2017

Carol Stabile (Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies and the School of Journalism and Communication, University of Oregon)

Cleaning the House of Broadcasting: Gender, Race, and the FBI Attack on Television

February 13, 2017

Amy Lubitow (Assistant Professor, Sociology, Portland State University)

Inequalities in Urban Mobility in Portland: Understanding Community Vulnerability and Prospects of Livable Neighborhoods

February 20, 2017

Patrick Greiner (Graduate Student, Sociology, University of Oregon)

Divergent Pathways On the Road To Sustainability: A Multilevel Model of the Effects of Geopolitical Power on the Relationship between Economic Growth and Environmental Health

February 27, 2017

James Moody (Professor, Sociology, Duke University)


March 6, 2017

Janet Lorenzen (Assistant Professor, Sociology, Willamette University)


March 13, 2017

Anissa Rogers (Professor and Director, Dorothy Day Social Work Program, University of Portland)

Contemporary Issues and Future Directions in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Aging



October 17, 2016

Fall Colloquium: Michelle Jacob

The second colloquium of fall term will be Monday, October 17th. Michelle Jacob from the Department of Education Studies will present ” An Indigenous Sociological Analysis of Saint Kateri: Insights on Social and Educational Change.”

The presentation will be held from 12-1 PM in 714 PLC.  Light refreshments will be provided.

May 19, 2016

Spring Colloquium 5/23/16

The final colloquium of Spring term will be Monday, May 23rd. Professor Jeff Sallaz from the University of Arizona will present “Your Paper Has Been Outsourced: How Publishers Sweat Labor to Produce Science.”

The presentation will be held from 12-1 PM in 714 PLC. Light refreshments will be provided.

April 28, 2016

Spring Colloquium 5/2/16

The next colloquium of Spring term will be this Monday, May 2nd. Andrea Herrera will present “Theorizing the Hashtag: Queer Acknowledgements and the Technological Imperative to Name the Sexual Self.”

The presentation will be held from 12-1 PM in 714 PLC.  Light refreshments will be provided.

April 21, 2016

Spring Colloquium 4/25/16

The next colloquium of spring term will be held this Monday, April 25th.  Professor Ocean Howell from the UO Clark Honors College will present: “Making the Mission: Planning and Ethnicity in San Francisco.”

The event will be held from 12-1 in 714 PLC.  Light refreshments will be provided.

April 12, 2016

Spring Colloquium 4/18/16

The next colloquium of spring term will be held this Monday, April 18th.  Professor Steve Zavestosk from the University of San Francisco will present: “Thinking Sociologically about Bicycles and Mobility in Equitable, Just and Sustainable Cities.”

The event will be held from 12-1 in 714 PLC.  Light refreshments will be provided.

February 23, 2016

Winter Colloquium 2/29/16

The next colloquium of winter term will be held this Monday, February 29th.  Professor Maxine Craig from UC Davis will present: “Sorry, I Don’t Dance: Why Men Refuse to Move.”

The event will be held from 12-1 in 714 PLC.  Light refreshments will be provided.

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