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Undergraduate Advising

Undergraduates are strongly encouraged to meet regularly with an academic adviser to plan their program of study.  Keeping track of one’s course of study and progress toward graduation is the responsibility of the individual student.

Students are encouraged to maintain contact with their academic advisers throughout their university career to discuss their course of study, and to go over their academic interests and career plans. Continued contact with an adviser can help students develop and maintain an academic program that is consistent with their interests and to stay on track for graduation.

Our undergraduate adviser is Rob Molinar. He is typically the primary contact for students seeking assistance.

The Peer Advising Office

Location: 706 PLC
Phone: (541) 346-5012


In addition to the undergraduate adviser, the department has a peer advising program available to assist students with advising. The Peer Advising Office is staffed by sociology undergraduates who have been trained to advise students on both sociology and university requirements. They assist with planning a course of study, preparing for a more productive meeting with the undergraduate adviser, and in using the university’s other resources. The Peer Advising Office is staffed during the academic year. See the schedule posted on 706 PLC, typically by the second week of term, or contact the Sociology department office for availability. A peer adviser can assist with online progress reports, can help fill out the “sociology planning worksheet,” and assist students with “areas of concentration” in planning their future academic and professional careers. Students are urged to take frequent advantage of the services of the Peer Advising Office.

If neither the undergraduate adviser nor the peer advisers are available and your question cannot wait, please contact the sociology department office for assistance.