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Soc Snippets 5/31/16

Hi all,

Congratulations, you made it to week 10!  Summer and, for some of you, graduation, are right around the corner. I’ve just got two brief announcements for you this week. But remember, feel free to send me any information you’d like me to share with sociology majors and minors and I’m happy to include it.

This week:

  • New Career and Advising Services
  • Be a Student Ambassador!

Happy *almost* summer and Go Ducks!

Professor Pascoe

Director of Career and Advising Services

Worried about what your life will look like after graduation? Wondering what sort of careers sociology majors end up in? Want some information about how to best prepare yourself for your dream job? We can help you with that!

I’d like to introduce you all to Bill Sherman, the Director of Career and Advising Services for the College of Arts and Sciences. Starting this summer, he will be working on establishing a career and advising services office for the Department of Sociology in order to assist you in identifying and working towards your career goals. Bill will be working with Elizabeth Milner and a group of peer advisors towards this end.

To help us get started on the right foot, please take 30 seconds to fill out this short 14-question needs assessment survey. Your input is very important to us!

Should you desire assistance with your career development, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Bill at or 541-346-3696.

Interested in being a Study of the US Institute Student Ambassador?

From June 18 through July 16, the American English Institute will be hosting a group of 22 undergraduate European leaders who will be here on campus and in the community engaging in an Environmental Issues program through a Department of State funded initiative called “Study of the US Institutes” (SUSI). This is the AEI’s first year being awarded this grant and we are very excited about the opportunities that this program will provide to both participants and campus partners.

Participants on the SUSI programs have undergone an extremely competitive and rigorous selection process and have been chosen because of their outstanding leadership at their universities or in their communities. You can see more about the various institutes and the selection process at the Department of State website.

One of the goals of the SUSI program is to provide opportunities for the participants to engage with American university students. Therefore, we have created a unique volunteer opportunity called SUSI Student Ambassadors. The Ambassadors will be an important part of the program, serving as peer mentors and cultural liaisons to the students. It is a wonderful opportunity for UO students to share with and learn from their European counterparts and to develop their own leadership skills.