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SOJC Research Seminar (SRS) Series featuring Professor Michael Dreiling

SOJC Research Seminar (SRS) Series

Winter 2018

Allen 307, Noon-1pm

02/14 (WED) Michael Dreiling (Professor, Department of Sociology at UO): “Networks of Power, Networks of Resistance”


Professor Dreiling introduces some sociological principles of social network analysis (SNA) and then recaps several network analyses and visualizations based on his empirical research. This work elucidates network concepts of power, influence and subgroup cohesion. Employing SNA tools alongside a power structure approach to socio-political dynamics – as inspired by Mills and Domhoff – we can generate insights and test theories. SNA can be a powerful complement to a multi-method research program. Professor Dreiling’s research applies these tools to study wide-ranging forms of collective action, from social movements rooted in civil society to elite institutions and corporate dominance of policy making in the US and Japan.