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Sociology Snippets – April 15, 2020

Hello All,

Hopefully by now the move to online college is a bit calmer and more routine. I for one am holding out hope that we will be learning together in person sooner rather than later – and from what I’m hearing from many of you, I’m not alone in that hope!  For some of us thinking sociologically about all of these changes can feel comforting. If that is true for you, you might find this set of articles compiled by sociologists about disasters and related social issues interesting:  If it is not true for you, please skip this and do what feels good for you in this time – baking, Netflix binges or just breathing.

This week in Soc Snippets we have information about applying for the honors program, applications for Wayne Morse Center Scholars, a webinar about how to manage as a student during this pandemic and some resources to support you in taking classes online.  As always feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Have a great day and Go Ducks,

Prof Pascoe

C.J. Pascoe
Associate Professor | Undergraduate Program Director
Department of Sociology | University of Oregon

Sociology Honors Program Application Deadline – May 1, 2020
This small, selective year-long class for highly motivated sociology majors walks you through all aspects of the research process from coming up with a research question, to putting together a research proposal, to conducting your research, to actually writing an honors thesis. Participants in this program have had their research covered by Cascade Magazine (such as Daniel Silberman’s research on racism and punishment in Oregon),  have presented their research at academic conferences, such as the Annual Pacific Sociological Association Conference and have used their theses as writing samples for successful graduate school applications.

You can apply for the program online here or using the attached form (and email it to me).

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at with any questions about the program or your eligibility for it.

Wayne Mores Scholars Program
Application Deadline – May 29, 2020

The Wayne Morse Scholars program serves UO undergrads from diverse backgrounds and majors, providing skills building, service learning, and leadership training to students interested in public affairs and community engagement.

Learn more about the program and apply here:

Sociology Student Town Hall: Navigating Covid-19
The American Sociological Association’s Student Forum Advisory Board invites sociology graduate and undergraduate students to a town hall to discuss how to navigate the challenges of being a student during this difficult time. Whether you are taking courses or in the final stages of writing your dissertation, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted students in unique ways. We invite students at all stages to join us for a conversation to share resources, discuss coping strategies, and commiserate. You can register here.

Managing Online Classes
For some of us, the pacing, lack of structure and lack of in person contact in online class can make them a little challenging.  Here is a list of suggestions about how to manage online classes from UO’s Tutoring and Academic Engagement Center:  and from Northeastern University: