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UO Sociologists’ appearances in recent media

How does increased consumption of poultry and fish affect beef consumption? According to Dr. Richard York, Professor of Sociology, it does not lead to the decrease one might expect. Dr. York discussed his latest publication with Brigham Young University Radio (BYUradio) on their daily program Top of Mind, and you can listen to the full interview on their website.


Dr. Krystale Littlejohn, Associate Professor of Sociology, has been busy with the release of her new book, titled “Just Get on The Pill: The Uneven Burden of Reproductive Politics” (UC Press 2021), due out this August, but found time to speak with NPR’s 1A about the history of birth control in America. The full interview is available on their website, and Dr. Littlejohn’s interview features in their follow-up story about birth control’s status today, also available on their website.

Dr. Littlejohn’s work was also featured on Jefferson Public Radio this week; the full interview is available on their website.

Dr. Littlejohn’s book release will also be celebrated on August 31st with a virtual book launch. She’ll be joined by Alicia Bonaparte (Department of Sociology, Pitzer College), Katrina Kimport (Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences, UC San Francisco), and our own CJ Pascoe for what promises to be an engaging and enlightening conversation. If you are interested in attending this FREE online event, please register online.