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UO Sociology alum & instructor quoted in New York Times forest fire article

Dr. Tim Ingalsbee (PhD, ’95) was quoted in The New York Times for his critiques of industrialized fire suppression and promotion of ecologically and ethically more sound methods for forest fire mitigation. The interactive article is a fascinating multimedia exploration of sociological and environmental reflections on fires, climate change, and history.

Timothy Ingalsbee, who co-founded Firefighters United for Safety, Ethics and Ecology, a group that pushes for stronger land management practices, has argued that over the long term many of the tactics employed by emergency crews hurt forest land, which benefits from periodic controlled fires.

“We’re fighting fires under the worst conditions rather than lighting fires under the best conditions,” Mr. Ingalsbee added. “There are 10,000 firefighters on the line in California, trying to keep people safe. What would those 10,000 be able to do to apply fire in the winter or spring to yield the best ecological effects — and a very different set of costs?”

The full article can be seen on the New York Times website.