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RSVP for Sociology Commencement

Important: This is not a degree application. Students who plan to receive a bachelor’s degree must apply for their Undergraduate Degree on DuckWeb.

The printed department commencement program will contain the names of all Fall 2019 and Winter 2020 degree recipients and the names of all eligible Spring and Summer 2020 degree candidates who have applied to graduate on DuckWeb by April 26th, 2020. Fall 2020 degree candidates who have completed this form will also be listed in the program.

To participate in the ceremony on June 15th please submit the form below by June 5th.

RSVP for Sociology Commencement
Only include if you’d like it as a part of your name card and read as you walk across the stage
You must apply for your degree for the term in which you will take your final class and complete your degree requirements. For example, if you have one last class to take in summer to complete the requirements on your Degree Guide, you must apply for a Summer 2019 degree in Duckweb.

Phonetics (How your name sounds)

If you are attending commencement and have a name that is sometimes mispronounced, please spell your name as it sounds (phonetically) to make it easier for a stranger to pronounce correctly. This will be preprinted on your name card, along with your name's true spelling.

Future Plans

Would you like to share your future plans with the Sociology Department? Some future plans may be read out anonymously at Commencement as part of Professor Dreiling's speech. Please indicate if you do not want your plans read out at Commencement.

May we keep in touch with you?

The Sociology Department would like to keep in touch with its graduates. We are developing an electronic newsletter which we'd love to send to both alumni and current undergraduates, and perhaps we could do a story about your career as a sociologist! If you would be interested in keeping in touch, please supply a non-UO email address.