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Legacies in Critical Sociology: 125 Years of UO Sociology

UPDATE – March 16, 2020:

The Pacific Sociological Association (PSA) has decided to cancel their annual meeting in Eugene ( Acknowledging our collective role in stemming the rate of infection of a new and deadly virus was the responsible thing for PSA to do to protect our communities, especially those most vulnerable to the effects of COVID-19. In the same spirit, we have decided to cancel our departmental events celebrating 125 years of UO Sociology. This includes our alumni reception at Ninkasi scheduled for Saturday, March 28th and our Alumni-Student Networking Dinner for March 29th .

We hope to re-schedule an alumni and student event in June or the Fall and will keep you posted on those details.

UO Sociology has an impressive legacy in critical sociology. Our program has made significant scholarly, teaching, and service contributions to the field internationally, nationally and regionally. Our graduate program in Sociology is notable for the excellent training provided in several niche areas in the field, and scholarship from our faculty and doctoral alumni are recognized globally in our core areas of strength. Graduates of our doctoral program are found in research, teaching and leadership positions at universities and colleges across the US, most heavily concentrated in the western states. Our alumni are also routinely recognized for their participation, leadership, and interest in the PSA. We are excited and honored to host the 2020 conference and to celebrate and recognize our department’s illustrious history.

Please see the links in the sidebar for more information about the history of UO Sociology and to make a donation to UO Sociology.