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Marxist Sociology at the University of Oregon

Sunday, March 29 ⋅ 10:15-11:45 AM ⋅ Hellman Room (Graduate Hotel)

Organizer: Michael Dreiling, University of Oregon

Presider: John Bellamy Foster, University of Oregon

Discussant: John Bellamy Foster, University of Oregon;

Al Szymanski and the Logic of ImperialismBerch Berberoglu, University of Nevada, Reno
Marxism and the Specter of SectarianismChuck Hunt, University of Oregon
Marxian Political Economy at the UOIntan Suwandi, Monthly Review Foundation
Marxian Ecology at the UORyan Wishart, Creighton University

This panel discusses the long, distinguished history of Marxian sociology at the University of Oregon since the late twentieth century. Topics include the role of the department in the founding of the Insurgent Sociologist (now Critical Sociology), and the contributions of past and present faculty, students, and alumni of the UO Sociology Department. Areas to be touched on include devleopments in Marxian theory, political economy, class analysis, imperialism, gender and race studies, and the environment, as well as various critical controversies that arose over the years.